My journey to a 10 mile run


I decided I wanted to run a marathon in October. But honestly, I have never loved running. I love Zumba, Cycling, Yoga, really anything EXCEPT running. I can run for about 2 miles but that's it. So you might be wondering why, if I really don’t like running, would I ever want to do a marathon. Well, that is a great question that I don't have a great answer to.


I love to challenge myself and I thrive on accomplishments, so when I thought about all the hard things people do, I started thinking about running a marathon.  Then one night I watched the movie, 'Brittany Runs a Marathon' and I bawled my eyes out watching this girl's journey to the end of the finish line (it is a great movie that you should definitely watch).  When the movie was over I decided I was running a marathon. I got some friends to sign up with me, I made a quick workout plan, and I was ready to go. 


Here is the embarrassing part of the story: my first day running I was so excited to just crush my goals but I couldn't even finish the first mile because my legs started itching so badly! I thought there was definitely something wrong because my legs were just unbearably itchy. So there I am, in the gym, trying to not look like a complete moron as I am trying to itch my bright red legs while I am running. At this point I am just so done with this so I stop the treadmill and look up my symptoms.  What I found was mortifying. My itchy legs were a sign of inactivity. The increased blood flow through my legs was more than my body was used to, causing the capillaries to expand, hence the itch. I could not even complete one mile! That was, to say the least, very discouraging. 


The truth is we all have times when we fail, we all have times when we disappoint ourselves. But in these moments we see who we really are. We will see our true character not when we are successful, but we will see our character when we fail. 


I may have had a setback, but I wasn’t about to give up on myself and you shouldn’t either. The plan I put together shows how I ramped up to 10 miles. The workout plan that I created is what worked for me, but I am NO expert runner so take this with a grain of salt. I just wanted to share it to hopefully encourage you to push your body and take it to new levels. I think we are capable of so much more than we think, but we have to learn how to take control of our lives and battle our own thoughts. 


No excuses; listen, I started this plan when I  was working 6 days a week 12-14 hours so don't give me the excuse that you are too busy. We make time for what is important. I also work in a factory, so I am on my feet all day, so trust me, I  know what it feels like to come home exhausted, wanting nothing to do but put your feet up. But girl, GO TO THE GYM. It's a moment of discipline that will pay off with long term rewards.


I have now finished my first 10 mile run. I have been amazed at how much my body really can do. The hardest thing to do when training for a marathon is finding victory within your own thoughts. If you decided to take the challenge of running 10 miles I am telling you right now that it will be hard. Finding the time, finding a place (I once had to run 5 miles in my hotel room), and staying on track will make you push yourself to new levels. But once you are done, you are going to be so proud.


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