Finance: Tips & Tricks

Hey guys! So the last couple of weeks I have been talking about money. I went over money at its core, how we can follow our money, and the last blog was about leading our money. Now I want to give you some of my tips and tricks on how I save money!

  1. Stop buying fountain drinks when you go to dinner. The average for a coke/ tea is $2.50. Let's say you go out to eat twice a week, that's $5.00 each week and $240 a year spent on soft drinks. It might seem like a little thing but it adds up! The same goes for alcoholic beverages- just be aware that those purchases add up. 

  2. Use Groupon. I have found deals on haircuts, amusement parks, beauty supplies, just about everything.

  3. Try different grocery stores. I love, love, love, Whole Foods. But, after I did a month of trying out different grocery stores with the same list, I realized that Whole Foods was adding an average of 10 dollars to my budget each month. 

  4. Get on an energy saving plan. I have saved more than $10 a month on my electric bill by: only running the laundry or dishwasher during the “off-peak” hours, by not setting my temperature to below 75, by unplugging all electronics when not in use, and by changing my freezer and refrigerator settings.

  5. I stopped getting my nails done and instead made it a ‘special treat’ this saves me $80 a month.

  6. I stopped getting coffee at Starbucks every morning and switched to just going once a week, which saves me $20.08 each week!

  7. I signed up for deals! At the grocery store, at the gas station, anywhere I could!

  8. Get the generic brand! Unless you have tried both and you have to go for the more expensive brand, get the cheaper one! I have never been disappointed with the generic brand.

  9. The makeup at the grocery store works the same :)

  10. If it’s not in the budget, it DOES NOT get to go in the bag!

If you have any tips or tricks on ways to save let me know. I will send the first 8 people a free sheet of boss woman stickers! 


Happy Saving ~ Ash





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