Who Are You?

It was a case of mistaken identity.


After a day in the life of my 16 year old self which included: school, cheer practice & homework, I received an email from Facebook informing me that my account had been deactivated.


Why? Well, apparently, it was due to inappropriate material and content.


Let me just fill you in on some important information. At 16 I went to a private catholic high school; where, I probably wore the longest skirt. At that point I basically dressed like a nun and my Facebook posts were bible verses and pictures of my mom and grandma - I am sure at this point you can tell that I was really popular in school lol.


To make a long story short, I eventually got in contact with Facebook and found out that another Facebook user with the exact same name was the one who was posting things that, lets just say, were not rated PG.


But this incident got me thinking about mistaken identity. Who am I? Where do I find my identity?


Here's the thing, who I am is always changing. I have been a student, an employee. I am a child and an adult. I have been both a sinner and a saint. Who I am is always changing because it is often dependent on those around me, my circumstances, the season of life I’m in, and so many other factors.


If I find my identity in who I am, then it’s not really stable. But what if instead we realized that there is a more important question that reveals our identity; this question is not asking about who you are, but whose.


If I find my identity in whose I am, that is never changing. My identity as a child of God allows me to be at peace as I realize that I don't need to try and perform to be worthy. If my identity is in Him, then I don’t need to worry about messing up, or not being good enough, because the truth is, it’s not all about me, it is all about my creator




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To Him be the glory