My Two Weeks of Hot Yoga


New Year’s is always the best time to try new workouts and new studious because they have so many ‘New Year, New You’ deals. So that’s what I did! There is a cute little yoga studio across the street from my apartment that had a two week trial for only $40. What a steal! I would encourage you to look around for workout studios around your area so we can all stay healthy in mind, body and soul (plus gyms and workout studios are great places to meet new friends)


Yoga is a great way to get up and moving. Here are some of the things that I Learned in my two weeks:



  1. Strength: In only two weeks I got WAY stronger. You don’t realize at first how balancing uses several of your muscle groups at once, but after two weeks I felt stronger and even looked more defined.

  2. Mind: wow, the mind is a powerful thing. Yoga helps you to realize the power of the mind and the power that each of us has within. When you set your mind on doing something and live with the I can mentality, amazing things start to happen.

  3. Feet shrunk? I don’t know why but my feet got smaller. It’s weird but they definitely did. Maybe I lost weight?

  4. Full body workout: in hot yoga you work everything. Every muscle is engaged and working as you move through your workout - the instructors call these movements flows. I burned an average of 470 calories in a 60 minute class.

  5. Cleanse: your body is cleansed as the sweating removes harmful toxins from your body. It can be hard to push through at times when you feel overheated but it feels amazing after.

  6. Some other benefits: Increased lung capacity, better circulation, increased flexibility, and many more :)



  1. You have to shower after. When I was done with class I was dripping in sweat. Like my clothes were soaked. This is not a work out that you can do when you are running short on time… it requires a shower.

  2. My skin was a little dry after the two weeks. With all the heat and sweating make sure to moisturize.

  3. You might be exhausted. My first two days after hot yoga I was exhausted, getting all the toxins out is hard work. But it makes you think about all the stresses of life and the processed food that your body needs to get out in order to perform optimally.



  1. Buy a yoga mat towel. I was so sweaty my hands kept slipping on the mat towards the end. I was already struggling to hold my plank, the slippery mat did not help.

  2. DRINK DRINK DRINK water. Seriously. When you think you’ve had enough drink another glass :) The day before, the day of, and the day after: you need water or you will have a dehydration hangover. Trust me.

  3. Love yourself and love your body. Wanting to get in better shape does not give you permission to hate where you are now. Thank yourself for showing up to class and don’t judge yourself based on the other people in your class. My first time in hot yoga I had to stop and take a break several times. I felt bad at first because I am 22 and there's a 50 year old that hasn’t needed to take a break and keeps doing handstands. But don’t judge! We are all in different places and different stages. Just show up and do your best, results will follow.

  4. If you have long hair you might want to put it in a tight bun. The first time I did it I wore my hair in a ponytail, but I did not like the feeling of my sweaty hair and sweaty back touching, it just made me feel even hotter… did I mention you will sweat a lot???


After the two weeks I was stronger and definitely more flexible, but more importantly I was centered. I learned more about loving myself and loving those around me. I learned more about people and how we each have a different journey to embark on. If you have never tried hot yoga, I would highly encourage you try it! Find a way to workout that you love, and always remember to be kind; not just to others, but also to your body.




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