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My dear friend Sal is a beautiful child of God. She is compassionate, selfless, and filled with the joy of the Lord. She welcomes strangers into her arms as if they were her own family and she cares deeply for the sick and brokenhearted. Sally is sharing with us how she decided to take some time to say no the world and yes to God by giving up social media. I am taking her up on the challenge and deleting my Instagram and Snapchat for the next couple months. Wish me luck!



No to the World, Yes to God 

By Sally Carroll



I was always trying to find new ways to escape from social media. I would delete the apps, yet still be reaching social media through safari on my phone. As I scrolled I either felt an extreme amount of judgement or experienced brutal self loathing. Song of Songs chapter 2 verse 10 “My beloved spoke to me, ‘arise my darling, my beautiful one’”. I was craving to feel loved by the Lord and called beautiful but was too busy either criticizing my sisters in Christ or hating myself.


SO I had this crazy idea to give up my smart phone, and revert to my LG middle school flip phone. I was excited to jump into this journey, and arise out of social media and into the Lord’s arms. So, for the next month, I decided to commit to the flip phone for 30 days. I was nervous about not sharing my location, not replying to group text messages, and not being in my family and friend group texts. I was afraid of missing out on snap chats and Instagram posts, and it turned out that I did miss these things, an unhealthy amount.


Through this experience I learned so much. When I saw people I had not seen in a while, I was actually excited to hear about their lives because I hadn’t already seen it on social media. I found through this alone, my friendships became so much stronger because I heard the real authentic stuff going on in their lives, not just the sugar coated highs of their weeks. And because I wasn't using my time scrolling, I was able to finish an entire book! 


I grew so much in my faith. I remember one night I was literally CRAVING to POST on Instagram. I missed the self satisfaction of likes and comments. I logged into my account on someone else’s phone (this actually happened) so I could post a photo, and feel that feeling we get when more and more people heart our photos. Isn’t it scary? How much value did I really put into other’s decisions to double-tap my photos? 


Coming out of this experience I was well aware of my dependence on social media. As I went through my Insta feed, I saw hurt and insecurity and actually started PRAYING for my friends. Through this experience, the Lord broke my heart for what breaks His about social media. After a full year, I have taken one giant leap back in social media and one giant leap forward in my faith!


Social media is not evil yet it can be depending on what YOU decide to do with it! It can be about celebrating friendships and praying for other people as you swipe your screen, it can be about praising Jesus and sharing what we learn, it can be used for SO much good!


I challenge everyone who reads this post to delete an app on their phone for a month! OR if your feeling extra daring, try giving up your smart phone!




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