YOU ARE: Heard and Not Alone

You Are Heard And You Are Not Alone:


In this moment my soul was awakened, my senses heightened. I am alive and free. I am His. My chains are broken, my shame and guilt gone. I am light. I am shining. I am laughing. I cannot contain my joy.


I am in the presence of God.


But sometimes it is not like that. I come with hopeful anticipation that He will take it all, all the worries and the doubt, the pain. I stand with arms wide open crying for my God to save me, to pull me out of this water that is slowly filling my lungs. But I can’t scream anymore. I almost want to give up the fight. Do you care? Do you care about me? Do you see the pain I am in? Do you see this? How can you do this to the child that you love? Why are you not answering me? My soul thirsts for you oh God, but today I find myself dry. Why have you forsaken me?


Do you ever feel like you are screaming for help but no one can hear a sound? Like no one knows what you are going through? I know there have been times when I feel like I am crying out but no one is hearing my pain or taking the time to help. There have been so many times where I have felt like I was battling things all on my own. But just because I may feel unheard and alone that does not mean it is true. The truth is that God tells us in Jeremiah 33:33 to call to Him and He will answer! He will “show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” God does hear us! He promises to never leave us! He sees your silent tears at night, He feels your pain and sorrow. He is right there with you in your battle. I would love to say that you will always feel Him in the midst of your pain, but from personal experience I can say that is not always the case. That is where faith comes in. The faith that says, despite what I may be feeling right now, I know that He cares so deeply for me. I know He will never leave me nor forsake me or let me down (Hebrews 13:5). So even when you feel unheard and alone, go back to the truth. The truth that are emotions are fickle and ever changing, but God's word is stable and trustworthy.


So my dear friends, please remember that no matter how alone you may feel, that He is right beside you through it all.  


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To Him be the glory