I am not like these people


Beautiful. That’s the word to describe it. I am sitting on the balcony of our hotel room in Hawaii feeling this perfect breeze, looking out at the ocean and hearing the waves and the wind. Hearing God, feeling so content, and so thankful. His presence is so strong, I am so in love with Him. My joy is leaking out, I simply cannot contain it. But my moments with God are not always so magical.


Sometimes I need to remember that Jesus suffered and that the God of the whole universe was nailed to a cross. So who am I not to get made fun of sometimes? It’s not easy living a life so different than everyone else. A couple of nights ago, people were doing things at the beach that made me feel sick. That’s when I realized, I am not like these people. I am different. As I was walking on the beach with them, I’m thinking about God and dreaming of heaven. But the people next to me are thinking other thoughts, saying other things. It’s hard because part of me wants to fit in and to be like them. Part of me doesn’t want to be excluded or laughed at. I don’t want to get ‘those’ looks when I don’t act the way they do.


But then I realize, if I were like them I would be conforming to the patterns of the world instead of being transformed as I continue seeking the one who brings peace to my soul. If I were like those people I would never be satisfied, for my joy is in Him. He is my peace, my comfort, my protector, and without Him I lack what I crave the most.


So, dear friend, when you feel pushed aside and different, I would encourage you to stand strong in your faith. Don’t be embarrassed to be in love with someone that they can’t see. I want you to know that you are not alone because He is right beside you, guiding and directing your steps. There may be times when you feel like the whole world is against you, but my dear sister, the biggest, strongest thing is right beside you. 


With love,



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To Him be the glory