What's Your Coffee?

What’s Your Coffee?

What’s your coffee? Not like the actual coffee drink that you get, but what is that thing that gives you energy, what awakens you? What things make you excited? What are the things you could do for hours, the things that you don’t mind pulling an all nighter for? What are you passionate about?


There may be some things that immediately pop into your head, maybe you are involved in a sorority and you love going to all those events, or maybe you love running, or a sport, or even the bachelor :)


What if we tried to let God be our coffee? What if in the morning we awoke and immediately thanked God for giving us another day? What would it look like if every morning we let God energize and strengthen us? What if we spent just a little time giving Him our cares and our worries? What if we let Him carry our burdens, letting Him deal with our issues? What if He became our source of joy?


I know some mornings can be really rough. We wake up to an unpleasant alarm that seems like it's going off hours too early. Thoughts rush into our head as we realize how many things we have to do. That laundry, that school work, did I leave the leftovers on the counter? But what if we just pushed all these thoughts aside, letting go of the day’s to do list and just breathed in the peace of God? What if instead of dreading getting out of bed we changed our attitude to deciding not to let the day run us, but let us run the day. Stepping out of bed in hopeful anticipation of the blessings that will come and of the ways in which we might be a blessing to others. This simple change isn’t easy. I still have those mornings where even my best pep talks can't get me out of bed. But, I have realized that my days go a lot better when I let God be my coffee.


When I decide to give my day to God and to be joyful and excited that I have the opportunity to get out of bed, when I push the worries of the day aside and pray that God would help me use this day to serve him, I feel lighter and at peace, energized by Him.


I pray that we will have the courage to hop out of bed each morning like beyonce hops on stage. YOU got this. Now go rock today!




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To Him be the glory